What She Said, which explores inspiring speeches from women throughout history, delving into how and why they were so impactful in creating positive change. Given the recent powerful speeches from Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins, Monica shares her public speaking hacks.

Communication expert and author Monica Lunin has curated and analysed 40 of the greatest speeches made by a diverse group of strong and empowering women throughout history. These inspiring and powerful speeches changed minds, communities and the world, and teach us valuable lessons in the art of persuasion and creating our own positive change.

From Queen Elizabeth I to Maya Angelou, Greta Thunberg, Julia Gillard, and Michelle Obama, Lunin examines 40 masterful speeches and explores not only what was said but also how the speech worked and why it was effective. Across 10 chapters, each representing a different theme—from inspiration to activism to storytelling—What She Said shows how you too can harness and leverage the power of the spoken word.

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Monica Lunin

Monica Lunin is a communications expert, speaker and writer based in Sydney Australia. She is the co-owner of MOJOLOGIC, a consultancy that specialises in developing the skills of communication, influence and leadership. Her fascination with communication can be traced back to school and university when she was an avid debater and public speaker. Her academic pursuits in political science and international relations gave way to a career in business – and the power of persuasion has always permeated her view of the world.

Keynote Speaking

Let’s work together to make a difference at your next event.  Topics include:

The myths and truths of women and communication

Women don’t need to be fixed, but they do need to be listened to. We will explore some of the false assumptions you might be making about how women do and should communicate as well as some time-honoured truths to help your public speaking power.

Finding your voice

The practice of public speaking can be scary. Everybody has to start somewhere and where YOU start is individual and highly personal.  Let’s stop trying to imitate the way somebody else does it and figure out how you can develop your own voice because the world needs your ideas.  Learn to speak with an eloquence that is entirely your own.

Leader as Communicator

So many aspects of successful leadership come back to the foundation skill of communication. How to transfer ideas?  How to align behaviour?  How to motivate people?  How to make people feel a sense of belonging, pride or urgency? Level up your leadership by levelling up your communication.